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This is the official website for State Attorneys General and Class Counsel E-book Settlements.  On this website you can find details about the Settlements and your options. A federal court has approved the notices and documents on this site, and the Claims Administrator who runs the site operates under the supervision of the State Attorneys General and Class Counsel.

The Court granted final approval of the Settlements on December 6, 2013.  Credit notification emails were sent to eligible consumers receiving a retailer account credit on or around March 25, 2014.  Postcard checks were mailed to eligible consumers on March 27, 2014.  To review retailer account information, click HERE.  More details can be found in the Final Judgment documents available on the Important Case Documents page.

For a summary of the lawsuit and the Settlements, click HERE.  For more detailed information and answers to frequently asked questions, click HERE.  Other information and important documents are available using the navigation bar on the left of your screen.

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